We are offering our customers the chance to reserve a tree that fits their space and preferences by just asking us on Twitter or Instagram, or posting to our Facebook wall using the hashtag #heyswansons. Our tree experts will work with you to find the right height, color, shape and variety and reserve your tree. Contact us anytime Monday-Friday and we will hold your tree for 48 hours, so you can come in and take a look. If it's not the perfect tree for you, we'll help you find something different. No more hoping the lot isn't all picked over, we'll make sure you find your perfect tree this year.

We will be accepting tree reservations November 23rd through December 16th. Tree availability changes throughout the season, so reserve early for best selection.

Browse our trees to see the varieties and styles we offer, then follow these three steps to your perfect tree:


1. Tell us what you are looking for

Using the hashtag #heyswansons on Twitter or Instagram, or post to our Facebook wall.

2. We'll work with you

To find and reserve your perfect tree.

3. Come in and check out the tree we've set aside for you

If you love it we'll give it a fresh cut, put it in our shaker, wrap it up and tie to your car. If it's not exactly what you want, our tree experts will help find the perfect tree for you in our expansive tree pavilion where each tree is suspended just off the ground using our "Spin and Pick" system so you can easily see them from every angle, all while staying dry indoors. Find your tree and let us take care of the rest while you explore our winter wonderland.