How do I reserve my tree?

Just ask us by using the hashtag #heyswansons on Twitter, Instagram, or by posting to our Facebook wall Monday through Friday and we'll work with you to find and reserve the perfect tree for you, holding your tree for 48 hours. Reservations available November 23rd through December 16th.


What if I don't like the tree you pick for me?

Not a problem! We know Christmas trees are personal and we just want to help make your Christmas tree shopping easier this year. So if you don't want the one we've set aside, our experts will show you comparable trees in our tree pavilion and we'll help you find one that's perfect for you – no strings attached. Except for the strings that suspend our trees just above the ground in our unique "Spin and Pick" tree display system – allowing customers to view each tree from every angle.


Why do you only reserve trees Monday through Friday?

Weekends are our busiest times and we are all out helping customers with tree shopping. While you can only use our reservation service M-F, you can pick up your tree any day of the week within 48 hours of reserving. We strive to provide the best shopping experience possible and our reservation system is that little something special we think will make all the difference in choosing your tree with comfort and convenience. We stay open later after Thanksgiving for this very reason – until 7pm everyday through December 23rd.


How is buying a tree at Swansons different than anywhere else?

Well, there are many reasons. First, our trees are sourced from WA family farms that have been growing some of the best trees in the country since 1949. We provide full service that includes helping you reserve and pick out the right tree for your space and needs, we shake and apply a fresh cut to each tree before it leaves the nursery, and we'll wrap and tie down every tree for our customers. And we know how the weather is during the holiday season so we've transformed our greenhouses, cafe and pavilions into a winter wonderland filled with family-friendly activities, holiday décor and unique gift ideas. Swansons isn't an errand but a holiday destination, and one we hope becomes the start of a family tradition for every customer -  big and small.


Why don't you carry Douglas Fir?

We carry Noble Fir, Fraser Fir, Nordmann Fir, and the unique 'Burton Blue' Fir varieties because that is what our customers have come to expect. Uncommonly beautiful, natural shaped,  fresh trees that aren't your average "cone shaped" varieties found on most lots.


What is the single most important thing I can do to keep my tree fresh all season?

Water. It's the single best kept secret around, and one we tell all our customers when they leave. Our trees are freshly cut before they leave so they will take on water from the moment they are set up in your home. We advise putting them in their stands within 90 minutes of purchase and keeping their water basin filled daily. Never let the water level drop below the tree's cut end. Fresh trees sometimes wait up to 2-3 days to start taking up water, so don't be alarmed if your tree doesn't "drink" right away! Remembering this little secret will keep those needles on your tree through the new year.


Are your trees more expensive?

We love trees and will not sell an inferior product at cut-rate prices, but we price our high-quality trees very competitively. Our pricing reflects our investment in our local growers and in the quality and service that we believe are indispensable to our customers’ shopping experience here at Swansons. See our pricing grid here.


Do you deliver?

Need help getting your tree home and set up? We delivery in a limited area. Talk to us in person or call (206) 782-2543 to learn more about our delivery services.